About Inez

Her sacrifice turned the tide for women’s freedom

Learn more from documentary short “Forward Into Light”
by Historical Filmmaker Martha Wheelock:

~ with a live action proof of concept for a feature film about Inez.
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LINKS: www.RememberingInez.com ~ www.InezMilhollandCentennial.com ~ www.inezmilholland.org/

Inez Millholland’s story has a central message of empowerment that is bolstered by lessons of courage, compassion and perseverance. With your generous support, this story will highlight how themes of 100 years ago are still relevant today ~ the need for voting equality and the power of a singular citizen uniting with the masses for change. Inez and the suffragists fought hard so that we may have the freedom they lacked. It’s up to us to use that freedom to fulfill our shared dream of equality and empowerment for all. Thank you!

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